Protein Extraction Kit

Protein Extraction Kit

Brand : ABCAM


  • Protein Extraction Kit (ab270054) is for the solubilization of proteins for a variety of proteomics applications.
  • The kit contains a proprietary buffer designed to maximize the extraction of proteins from cells and tissues under conditions that are compatible with downstream proteomics applications.
  • The Protein Extraction buffer contains reducing agents and SDS and provides unbiased extraction of proteins from cells and tissues.
  • The resulting lysates are compatible with protein quantification assays, fractionation using the Gelfree® 8100 Sample Fractionation System, other SDS-PAGE separations, and the Filter-Aided Sample Preparation (FASP) method.

Storage instructions

Store at +4°C.


Components 1 kit
Protein Extraction Buffer 1 x 50ml



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