Optiblot SDS-PAGE Sample Preparation Kit

Optiblot SDS-PAGE Sample Preparation Kit

Brand : ABCAM


  • The Optiblot SDS-PAGE Sample Preparation Kit (ab133414) provides a means to quickly concentrate protein samples, and separate them from buffers that interfere with electrophoresis.
  • The fast, efficient protocol generates samples ready to load on a gel in less than ten minutes, much more quickly than can be achieved with alternate methods such as dialysis, or acetone or TCA precipitation. Additionally, the Optiblot SDS-PAGE Sample Preparation protocol is easily scaled up, allowing multiple samples to be prepared in parallel.


Components 10 tests
Extraction loading buffer 1 x 1ml
Protein filters 10 units
Resin 1 x 500ml

Research areas

  • Kits/ Lysates/ Other
  • Tools and Reagents
  • Western Blot Tools and Reagents
  • SDS-PAGE sample preparation kits



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