PrecisionPLUS qPCR Master Mix

PrecisionPLUS qPCR Master Mix

  • High efficiency enzyme – Better Data
  • Precise reproducible results
  • Robust
  • Available premixed with SYBR green at no extra charge



  • The core components are a hotstart Taq polymerase enzyme with a magnesium chloride based buffer. Our unique formulation gives a superior quality of data with a bigger signal to noise ratio, brighter, steeper and more precise amplification plots. Stabilisers and preservatives ensure that multiple freeze-thaw cycles do not affect the performance giving you reliable, reproducible results.


  • Precision qPCR Master Mix is available for all machines - see the technical details tab for a list of qPCR machines and their individual specifications.


  • Primerdesign real-time PCR reagents are manufactured to the highest standards within our ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2012 certified quality management laboratory environment.



Cat. No. Description
PD-PPLUS-R-5ML PrecisionPLUS qPCR Master Mix with ROX
PD-PPLUS-LR-5ML PrecisionPLUS qPCR Master Mix with low ROX
PD-PPLUS-5ml PrecisionPLUS qPCR Master Mix



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