Precision DNase Kits – 50 reactions

Precision DNase Kits – 50 reactions


Unique product features

  • Precise and efficient gDNA removal in 15 minutes
  • No damage to RNA
  • No addition of EDTA (PCR inhibitor)
  • 100% recovery of all RNA



Unique 'stop' method protects RNA. Other DNase kits available are unsuitable for preparing RNA for real-time PCR. Many use an aggressive heat inactivation (>65C) which can result in Mg mediated RNA degradation. Others use a chemical stop solution containing EDTA (a known inhibitor of PCR). Whilst other kits offer a slurry of beads that capture the enzyme and allow centrifugal removal. The weakness with this final approach is that it makes recovering all of the RNA sample impossible. Our Precision DNase kit is unique in having a heat labile enzyme. This means that enzyme activity is entirely destroyed by an 'RNA safe' 5 minute incubation at 55C.

DNase treatment is best practice for real-time PCR. In an ideal World all assays would span intron/exon boundries and work with high priming efficiency. However, taking this design approach can greatly reduce the sequence within which to site primers which can in turn lead to imperfect primers and PCR artifacts. Performance can be compromised and of course, many genes simply do not contain introns thus making this approach impossible. For these well founded reasons, we at PrimerDesign believe that it is best practice to eliminate gDNA contamination of RNA by DNase treatment and to then design the very best possible primers without any design restrictions.


Kit contents:
High spec Precision DNase enzyme, 10 x buffer.


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