Heating Tape with cord

Heating Tape with cord

  • Brand : MTOPS®
  • Maximum temperature 450ºC
  • Excluded Temperature Controller


Cat. No. Description
MS-HT1206 1.27cm (W)x 60cm (L), 80 Watts
MS-HT2515 2.5cm (W)x 150cm (L), 380 Watts
MS-HT2506 2.5cm (W)x 60cm (L), 150 Watts
MS-HT2520 2.5cm (W)x 200cm (L), 500 Watts
MS-HT2530 2.5cm (W)x 300cm (L), 750 Watts
MS-HT2560 2.5cm (W)x 600cm (L) with Cord
MS-HT25100 2.5cm (W)x 1000cm (L) with Cord


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