Forced-air Ovens, “ThermoStable™ OF”

Forced-air Ovens, “ThermoStable™ OF”

  • Suitable for Drying, Baking, Conditioning, Curing, Pre-Heating and Aging
  • Room Temp +5°C to 250°C
  • Fluctuation Temp. ±0.3°C at 100°C, ±0.5°C at 150°C
  • Corrosion Resistant 304 Stainless-steel Chamber
  • Over Temperature & Over Current Protection, Sensor Error Detection


Cat. No. Model Cap. (L) Ventilation Heat-Up-Time
DH-WOF05050 OF-50 50 1ea 25 min. to 100 °C, 45 min. to 150 °C
DH-WOF05105 OF-105 105 2ea
25 min. to 100 °C, 40 min. to 150°C
DH-WOF05155 OF-155 155


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