Vials, Trident Screw Neck Vials, Squat Form

Vials, Trident Screw Neck Vials, Squat Form

  • Brand : SAMCO
  • Trident vials are made from neutral glass under the strict conditions required by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • They are available from stock in capacities from 1.75 to 28.25ml, with screw caps, clip-on closures or polythene plugs.
  • Screw neck Trident vials are manufactured with buttress thread, for optimum closure.
  • Neutral glass, squat form with black screw polypropylene caps.


Cat. No. Nominal Cap. Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Neck Bore (mm)
Dram ml
T102/V1 2.0 7.0 42 20.0 13.0
T102/V2 4.0 14.0 58 23.0 15.5
T102/V3 8.0 28.25 72 27.5 27.5


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