Tissue Culture Flask

Tissue Culture Flask

  • Brand : BIOFIL®
  • JET BIOFIL Cell and Tissue Culture Flasks are manufactured in 100,000 grade clean-room environment under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 QMS.
  • Sterile & TC treated



Cat. No. Description Packaging
JET-TCF011050 T25cm² (50ml) with plug-sealing cap 200pcs/case
JET-TCF012050 T25cm² (50ml) with vent cap 200pcs/case
JET-TCF011250 T75cm² (250ml) with plug-sealing cap 100pcs/case
JET-TCF012250 T75cm² (250ml) with vent cap 100pcs/case
JET-TCF012600 T75cm² (250ml) with vent cap 40pcs/case


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