Standard Filter Paper

Standard Filter Paper

  • Brand : FILTRATECH
  • Suitable in various applications; hospitals/medical, research laboratories, schools/universities, industry such as chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, water treatment, food.
  • Equivalent to whatman 1



Cat. No. Grade Diameter (mm) Pore Size (μm)
FT-ST61A0042 ST61 42.5 5-13
FT-ST61A0047 ST61 47
FT-ST61A0055 ST61 55
FT-ST61A0090 ST61 90
FT-ST61A0110 ST61 110
FT-ST61A0125 ST61 125
FT-ST61A0150 ST61 150
FT-ST61A0185 ST61 185


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