Senz Series and pH & Redox Testing

Senz Series and pH & Redox Testing

  • The Senz pH Pro is specially designed for high accuracy and ruggedness.
  • The Senz pH Duo is a 2 in 1 tester that measures pH as well as temperature in water.
  • The Senz Redox is the measure of oxidation reduction potential (ORP).


Cat. No. Description Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy Temp. Compensation
TR-TP9051 Senz pH Duo 0 to 14pH, 0.1 pH, ± 0.2 pH N/A
TR-TP9052 Senz pH Pro 0 to 50 °C
0 to 14pH
0.1 °C
0.01 pH
± 0.5 °C
± 0.05 pH
TR-TO9057 Senz Redox +999 to
1mV ± 40mV Automatic


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