Roll PVDF 24 cm x 3 m, 0.45 μm

Roll PVDF 24 cm x 3 m, 0.45 μm



  • Used in Western Blotting of Proteins and for use in Hybridisation Tehcniques. PVDF, nitrocellulose and nylon membranes are available for different application needs. A protein’s properties (i.e., charge, hydrophobicity, etc.) affects its ability to bind to membrane surfaces.

  • Finding the optimal membrane may require experimenting with your specific protein on different materials. We supply PVDF membrane in sheet form and as a 3M role which can be cut to size to fit your particular need.

Cat. No. Description
CS-PVDF0.45R Roll PVDF 24 cm x 3 m, 0.45 μm (pore size)


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