Optiblot DTT Reducer (10X)

Optiblot DTT Reducer (10X)

  • Brand : ABCAM
  • This product is manufactured by Expedeon, an Abcam company, and was previously called RunBlue™ DTT Reducer – 1ml (10X Concentrate).
  • DTT Reducer (10X) – RunBlue™ should be added during sample preparation if you wish to perform reduced SDS-PAGE and reduce the disulfide bonds of proteins.



Quantity 1mL
Form Liquid
Storage Instructions Store at -20°C.
Storage Buffer Constituent: 31% DTT
Research Area
  • Kits/ Lysates/ Other
  • Tools and Reagents
  • Western Blot Tools and Reagents
  • Optiblot buffers and stains


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