NYLON Membrane Filter

NYLON Membrane Filter

  • Nylon membranes is a supported, naturally hydrophilic membrane designed to wet out evenly and retain its superior strength during use in general filtration or medical assays, eliminating the need for wetting agents that could be extracted when filtering aqueous solutions.
  • The membrane is flexible, durable and tear resistant, and can be autoclaved at 135°C.



Cat. No. Diameter (mm) Pore Size (μm) Pack Qty
F-MFNY013022 13 0.22
F-MFNY013045 13 0.45 400
F-MFNY025022 25 0.22 200
F-MFNY025045 25 0.45 200
F-MFNY047022 47 0.22 200
F-MFNY047045 47 0.45 200
F-MFNY047100 47 1.00 200


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