HITACHI Thermal Analyzer Line-Up, TMA 7000 Series

HITACHI Thermal Analyzer Line-Up, TMA 7000 Series

  • It measures a wide range of samples, including thin film and small samples, as it uses the total expansion method and does not limit sample shapes.
  • Changing the modes between push, penetration, and tension is done by simply replacing the probe.
  • A wide range of options, such as an automatic cooling unit, ensures the ease of use and highly accurate measurement.


Model TMA7100 TMA7300
Sample Cylinder Quartz, metal Alumina
Temperature Range -170 to 600°C Ambient to 1,500°C
TMA Measurement Range ±5 mm
TMA Sensitivity 0.01 µm
Load Range ±5.8 N
Scan Rate 0.01 to 100°C/min
Maximum Sample Size Expansion; Φ10×L25 mm
Tension; W1×T5×L25 mm
Expansion; Φ10×L25 mm
Sample Length Measurement Automated Measurement


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