HITACHI Thermal Analyzer Line-Up, NEXTA STA Series

HITACHI Thermal Analyzer Line-Up, NEXTA STA Series

  • High temperature control technology that handles a variety of temperature programs
  • Available DSC measurement, it makes specific heat capacity measurements available
  • The NEXTA STA series shows its strength in analyses such as quantitative determination of the constituents of advanced materials, composite materials, and trace amounts of moisture.


STA200 STA200RV STA300
Balance Type Horizontal Differential Type
Temperature Range Ambient to 1,100°C Ambient to 1,000°C Ambient to 1,500°C
TG Baseline drift 1) <10 ug
TG Baseline Stability 2) <10 ug
DSC Function Standardly equipped
Specific Heat Capacity Measurement Available (Optional)
Temperature Precision +/-0.07°C
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.2°C
Real View®  N/A Optional N/A
Gas Control Integrated Mass Flow controller


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