Glass Syringes, Reusable, Metal Luer Nozzles

Glass Syringes, Reusable, Metal Luer Nozzles

The reusable borosilicate glass syringes stand for superior chemical heat and shock resistance in various application fields. A precious, low cost alternative to disposable plastic syringes for easy infusing, diluting, aspirating and sampling.

  • Precision-machined plunger and barrel.
  • Excellent fitting and liquid tightness (not gas tight).
  • Sterilisation up to 160°C.



Brand Capacity ml Division Std/Pk
Socorex 0.1-1 0.05 3
Socorex 0.2-5 0.20 3
Socorex 1-10 0.20 3
Socorex 10-100 10 1
Socorex 1-20 1 2
Socorex 1-30 2 2
Socorex 10-250 10 1



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