Glass Microfibre Filters

Glass Microfibre Filters

  • Brand : FILTRATECH
  • Made with 100% borosilicated microglass fibers, these filters offer an excellent level of very small particles retention (up to 1μm) and a large loading capacity.
  • Suitable for microfiltration of air, gases and liquids



Cat. No. Grade Equivalent to Whatman Diameter (mm) Pore Size (μm)
FT-FV21A0047 FV21 GF/A 47 1.6
FT-FV22A0047 FV22 GF/B 47 1
FT-FV23A0047 FV23 GF/C 47 1.2
FT-FV23A0090 FV23 GF/C 90 1.2
FT-FV23A0110 FV23 GF/C 110 1.2
FT-FV24A0047 FV24 GF/D 47 2.7
FT-FV24A0090 FV24 GF/D 90 2.7
FT-FV25A0047 FV25 GF/F 90 0.7


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