Entris II Analytical Balance

Entris II Analytical Balance

  • Brand : SARTORIUS
  • Data output for dynamic weighing applications – configurable time interval for data output
  • Easily adapts to ambient conditions with just one click on the home screen
  • Offering a wide range of models


  • 12 built-in applications with GLP/GMP compliant printout/data output: weighing/dosing, counting, percentage weighing, mixing/net total, components/totalizing, animal weighing, calculation/free factor, density determination, statistics, peakhold, checkweighing, mass unit conversion, and underfloor weighing feature for bigger samples
  • Highest usable weighing chamber height for easy handling for even large containers (where applicable)
  • 8 built-in languages for international operation: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish
  • Future-proof USB Type C interface
  • Industry-proof RS232 9-pin interface
  • Backwards compatibility (by using RS232 port)
  • Password protection for secure operation protects the balance against unintentional changes


Cat. No. Weighing Capacity (g) Readability Weighing Pan Size (mm) Calibration & Adjustment
SAR-BCE224-1S 220 0.1mg Ø90 External
SAR-BCE3202-1S 3.200 10mg 182 x 182 External
SAR-BCE3202i-1S 3.200 10mg 182 x 182 Internal
SAR-BCE4202-1S 4.200 10mg 182 x 182 External
SAR-BCE4202i-1S 4.200 10mg 182 x 182 Internal
SAR-BCE423-1S 420 1mg Ø120 External
SAR-BCE423i-1S 420 1mg Ø120 Internal
SAR-BCE5201-1S 5.200 0.1g 182 x 182 External
SAR-BCE6202-1S 6.200 10mg 182 x 182 Internal



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