Distillation Flasks, ASTM E133

Distillation Flasks, ASTM E133

  • Complies with ASTM E133 and E1405
  • For the distillation of petroleum products
  • No. 1 complies with the requirements for ASTM test methods D86, D233, D447, D801, D802 and IP 123
  • No. 2 complies with the requirements for ASTM test method D447
  • Side arm inclined at 75° to the vertical axis
  • For use with thermometers calibrated for 76mm immersion
  • Length of side-arm is 100mm



No. Neck ID mm Bulb diameter mm Capacity ml Height mm Length of sidearm mm Sidearm OD mm
1 17 69 125 214 100 7
2 15 86 250 215 100 6



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