Digital Precise Shaking Water Bath, “MaXturdy™ ”

Digital Precise Shaking Water Bath, “MaXturdy™ ”

  • Digital Fuzzy Control
  • With Universal Spring Rack for various kind of flasks & tubes (up to 2 Lit.)
  • Hybridization Applications, Cell Cultures, Cell Aeration, Increasing Solubility Rates, Molecular Biology Assays, Bacterial Cultures
  • Temp. Range & Accuracy Ambient +5°C to 100 °C, ±0.1°C
  • Shaking Speed & Resolution: 20-250rpm


Cat. No. Model Capacity
DH-WSB03018 MaXturdy 18 18L
DH-WSB03045 MaXturdy 45 45L


Recommended Accessories (excluded)
Cat. No. Description
DH-WSB02018 Domed Lid for 18 Litres
DH-WSB02045 Domed Lid for 45 Litres


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