• Brand : BIOLOGIX
  • 2.0 mL, self-standing, 1D barcode, sterile, -196°C to 121°C



Cat. No. Description Packaging
BI-88-6210 Internal Threaded, PP, White Cap 1000 vias/case
BI-88-6211 Internal Threaded, PP, Red Cap 1000 vias/case
BI-88-6212 Internal Threaded, PP, Green Cap 1000 vias/case
BI-88-6214 Internal Threaded, PP, Yellow Cap 1000 vias/case
BI-88-6215 Internal Threaded, PP, Purple Cap 1000 vias/case
BI-88-6200 External Threaded, PP, White Cap 1000 vias/case


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