Bottles, wash, multi-lingual, non-venting, wide neck, LDPE

Bottles, wash, multi-lingual, non-venting, wide neck, LDPE

  • Brand : AZLON
  • Multi-lingual wide neck wash bottles featuring the patented DripLok® vapour venting valve that prevents solvent drips
  • Indelibly printed in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish)
  • Choose from five solvent labels all including the new Globally Harmonised Symbols, NFPA diamond, risk phrases and safety information
  • Fitted with colour coded one-piece PP closures that maintain their shape in use
  • Closures feature precision jet-tip aperture for fine control


Cat. No. Capacity (mL) Print Label Closure Colour
AZ-WGW530PML 250 Water White
AZ-WGW531PML 250 Acetone Red
AZ-WGW532PML 250 Methanol Green
AZ-WGW533PML 250 Isopropanol Blue
AZ-WGW535PML 250 Ethanol Orange
AZ-WGW600PML 250 Distilled Water White
AZ-WGW602PML 250 Deionised Water White
AZ-WGW536PML 500 Water White
AZ-WGW537PML 500 Acetone Red
AZ-WGW538PML 500 Methanol Green
AZ-WGW539PML 500 Isopropanol Blue
AZ-WGW540PML 500 I.M.S Yellow
AZ-WGW541PML 500 Ethanol Orange
AZ-WGW601PML 500 Distilled Water White
AZ-WGW603PML 500 Deionised Water White


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