Beakers, straight sided, PTFE

Beakers, straight sided, PTFE

  • Brand : AZLON
  • Opaque PTFE beakers
  • Rigid and non-porous with a smooth surface
  • Resistant to all chemicals except molten alkali metals and fluorine
  • Are efficient substitutes for platinum
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 260°C


Cat. No. Capacity (ml) O.D. (mm) Height (mm)
AZ-BWN008 10ml 24 33
AZ-BWN012 25ml 32 47
AZ-BWN018 50ml 43 60
AZ-BWN024 100ml 54 68
AZ-BWN030 250ml 66 97
AZ-BWN036 500ml 80 125


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