Baffled Flasks, Delong Neck, Conical

Baffled Flasks, Delong Neck, Conical

  • Ideal for aerobic microbiology and cell culture
  • Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass for maximum chemical and thermal resistance
  • The four equidistant baffles provide consistent agitation when used with compatible orbital shakers
  • Suitable for repeated autoclave cycles at 121°C
  • Flasks are supplied without closures and should be ordered separately
  • Compatible with either blue Aluminium and clear polypropylene closures



Brand Neck OD mm Body O.D. mm Capacity ml Height mm
Pyrex 38 82 250 155
Pyrex 38 101 500 193
Pyrex 38 128 1000 222
Pyrex 38 166 2000 300



Cap/Closure for Culture Flasks

Brand Neck Size mm Description Std/Pack
Pyrex 38 Aluminium 10
Pyrex 38 Polypropylene 10



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