Agarose 500g

Agarose 500g

  • AG agaroses are suitable for routine analysis of nucleic acids.
  • They combine tensile strength with low electroendosmotic effects to achieve high resolving power for a wide size range of nucleic acid fragments.
  • AG agaroses are also very environmentally friendly, being manufactured by a process which excludes organic solvents.


CAS No. 9012-36-6
Packaging 500g
EEO <0.13
Gelling Point 36°C ±1.5°C (1.5 % gel)
Melting Point 88°C ±1.5°C (1.5 % gel)
Solubility Clear, colourless solution at 1g in 100ml water
Moisture < 10%
Gel Strength >1200 g/cm2 (1% Gel)
Sulphate < 0.20%
DNase, RNase, Protease, Endonuclease None Detected


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