2˚C ~ 8˚C Pharmacy Refrigerator

2˚C ~ 8˚C Pharmacy Refrigerator

  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Air Cooling, Auto-defrost
  • Five Alarm Functions


Cat. No. Cabinet Type Capacity High/Low Temp. Remote Alarm Power Failure Sensor Error
H-HYC-68A Upright,
glass door
68 Liter Yes N/A N/A Yes
H-HYC-118A Upright,
glass door
118 Liter Yes N/A N/A Yes
H-HYC-260 Upright,
single door
260 Liter Yes Yes Yes Yes
H-HYC-290 Upright,
single door
290 Liter Yes
H-HYC-360 Upright,
double door
360 Liter Yes Yes Yes Yes
H-HYC-610 Upright,
single door
610 Liter Yes Yes Yes Yes


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