2˚C ~8˚C Ice-Lined Refrigerator

2˚C ~8˚C Ice-Lined Refrigerator

  • Temp. Range: 2~8˚C
  • Special structure design to maintain 2°C to 8°C for more than 30 hours at 43°C ambient
  • Wide ambient temperature range, 5-43°C
  • Independent temperature data logger, monitoring, recording, and managing


Cat. No. Cabinet Type Vaccine Storage Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Cooling Type Container Load (20'/40'/40'H)
H-HBC-70 Chest 45/1.6 Direct cooling 42/90/135
H-HBC-200 Chest 94.5 /3.3 Direct cooling 24/54/81
H-HBC-340 Chest 211/7.4 Direct cooling 18/42/42
H-HBC-80 Chest 61/2.2 Direct cooling 36/78/78
H-HBC-150 Chest 122/4.3 Direct cooling 30/60/60
H-HBC-260 Chest 211/7.5 Direct cooling 18/42/42


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