10 X Bromophenol Blue Loading Dye, 1ml

10 X Bromophenol Blue Loading Dye, 1ml



  • DNA loading dye contains 10x bromophenol blue, the standard tracking dye for electrophoresis.
  • The charge-tomass ratio of bromophenol blue allows it to co-migrate with smaller molecules within agarose and PAGE gels (e.g. at 300bp in a standard 1% agarose, TBE gel) which, with its conspicuous dark blue colour, makes it the perfect tracking dye to monitor the progress of electrophoresis runs.
  • DNA loading dye is supplied in 1ml volumes for easy handling (10 vials).
  • Bromophenol blue is the standard dye for electrophoresis, with a dark blue colour.

    -Tracking dyes for monitoring electrophoresis runs.
    -The charge-to-mass ratio allows to co-migrate with small molecules in agarose and PAGE gels.
    -Vials of 1 ml


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